Video Consults at Calsayseat Medical Group

 We now have video consultations available to our patients. These can allow a clinician to assess you remotely via your mobile phone or laptop. You must be using either the Google Chrome or Apple Safari browsers for it to work, and you need a camera on your device. 

This service is only for Calsayseat registered patients and you can only access a consultation if it has been triaged and pre-arranged with a doctor first. We will not consult with anyone who has not prior arranged a video consultation. 

This service is particularly useful for patients in whom it is not practical to come to the surgery, and in whom a telephone call would not be sufficient. 

Services such as medication reviews, prescription ordering and general medical discussions are not appropriate for this service, please use the phone for this. 

If we feel anyone if misusing the service or using it inappropriately, then it would be withdrawn for that individual. It is also really important that you are in a private place when you do the consultation. We cannot discuss your medical history if you are in an obviously public place, as this could breach your confidentiality.

The link to the virtual waiting room is below. The PDF below details how the system works. You simply enter the virtual waiting room by clicking the button at the time you were advised to by the triaging doctor.