Mental Health


Listed are some useful mental health resources, which can help with anxiety, depression, life stress and other conditions.

Directory of available help for patients with mental health problems.

Aberdeen City Library:

Library membership is free and they have access to dozens of books and CDs for SELF HELP. These books can help with common mental health problems such as DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, POOR CONFIDENCE, BIPOLAR DISORDER, DEMENTIA, and help for those close to someone affected by these problems.

LEGAL HIGHS and DRUG misuse or dependance

"Legal" does not mean "safe". Legal highs are substances marketed as alternatives to illegal drugs. You are taking a risk buying anything like this, you do not know what is in the packet, or what it may do to your mind or body. Most of these chemicals have not been tested on humans, and several have been linked to deaths. It is best that you have as much information about this, to enable you to take the safest choice for your mental and physical health.

Drugs Action is the largest local organisation helping provide support and harm reduction advice to those whose lives are affected by drug use. The offer counselling, a needle exchange, HIV and Hepatitis testing, family services, as well as help to those involved in the sex industry. 

Helpline: 01224 594700

Penumbra is a local charity that is specifically there to help people with mental health problems

Contct Mon to Fri 1000 - 1800 on 0333 444 0324 (freephone). They are there to hep with various problems inc crisis management, signposting for help and services, or just someone to listen your concerns.

They also have a walk in service at their building on 20 Back Wynd, Aberdeen AB10 1JP


Polish Association Aberdeen is a registered charity offering several services to Polish nationals. One service that can be of help is professional counselling. You may find it easier to speak in your first language when trying to deal with personal problems. They also offer consular services and English teaching.

Youth Counselling:

ACIS youth can provide confidential counselling your young people (aged 12-18years). People can call themselves on 01224 573892 or text 07758 360095.  1 Alford Place Aberdeen AB10 1YD. Office hours are 5.50pm to 8.30pm Monday to Thursday

Living Life to the Full: This website offers a free life skills course that aims to provide access to high quality, practical and user-friendly training.

Free leaflet for living life to the full.

Breathing Space Scottish NHS free phone advice and internet self help for mental health issues (lines open 6pm to 2am)

The Scottish Association for Mental Health

Mental Health -Official UK mental ABERDEEN - local support group which has regular meetings

Alcohol Advice

Getting advice about alcohol and sensible drinking can be found through

NHS alcohol help

People with Autism and their families can now access the One Stop Shop in order to offer help. They can help with information, budgeting advice and support.

Phone: 01224 633040 Email:

Visit: 9 Queens Gardens, Aberdeen, AB15 4YD Travel: Buses are No’s 11 and 13

Breathing Techniques for stress reduction

 The Scottish Government have produced a free CD of breathing techniques to help patients with stress reduction. We have made them available to download to your computer or phone. Remember you will only get good from these exercises if you do them regularly and make the time for yourself to do them. Doctors and Therapists can provide the tools for you to reduce stress and anxiety, but only you can do the exercises. Like any exercise, the more often you do it, the easier it gets. 

Stress exercises free MP3 download

Hearts, Lungs & Diabetes




Diabetes UK
The biggest UK Diabetes Charity, with superb information for patients and families affected by type 1 and type 2 diabetes

my diabetes my way is the NHS Scotland interactive diabetes website to help support people who have diabetes and their family and friends. for diabetes and sport information

AAA Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening is a free NHS screening program for all men when they reach 65. It is a one-off scan of your tummy to look for any abnormal swelling of the aorta (the major artery of your abdomen). Finding problems in the aorta before it tears or bursts mean they can be dealt with at an earlier stage.

If you are already over 65 and have never been screened you can call the local office to get your scan arranged.

Just call 01224 553905 or 553910 will provide you with more information on the test.

BHF British Heart Foundation is Britains leading charity dedicated to help those living with heart disease, with lots of leaflets and advice for people wanting advice about keeping their heart healthy 

 Good diet advice to help maintain a healthy weight and keeping yourself generally well- with special sections for infants, teenagers and older people
The Eat Well Plate 


Asthma UK is the charity dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the 5.2 million people in the UK whose lives are affected by asthma.
Inhaler technique is really important, and videos have been made to show you how to use them. These can be viewed via the new website  STOPPING SMOKING is probably the most positive health decision you can ever make, but it is also one of the hardest to do. The NHS choices website has a section dedicated to things that you, your pharmacist can do to kick the habit.Smoking has been proven to be linked with

  • Lung, Throat, Mouth and Stomach cancer
  • Heart Disease, Strokes and poor leg circulation (peripheral vascular disease)
  • Lung Disease (COPD, which used to be known as emphysema or chronic bronchitis)
  • Changes to your skin, teeth and Erectile problems in men.
  •  Passive Damage to the lungs of young children and to unborn children

But freeing yourself from a smoking habit can lead to real improvements in your health

Take a look at the positives of quitting with NHS Smokefree

A 20 a day  habit costs (at £7.50 a pack) £2,700 a year!!

Just take some time to think about all the good things that you could do with that money, instead of watching it go up in smoke.



 Cancer Research
Information for patients, families and health professionals about diagnosis and treatment of all types of cancer  Macmillan Cancer CareMacmillan Cancer Support is one of the leading cancer charities in the UK and aims to improve the lives of people affected by cancer. One in three of us will get cancer. Scottish Bowel Cancer Screening

All men and women aged 50–74 are invited for bowel screening. Bowel screening involves taking a simple test at home every two years.

Bowel cancer is common, but it is also highly treatable if detected early. If you find bowel cancer early enough, there’s more than a 90% chance of successful treatment. The sooner it’s caught, the easier it is to treat.

If you’re 75 or over you can still take a bowel screening test every two years if you want to. But you will need to ask for it. Just call the Bowel Screening Centre Helpline on 0800 0121 833.

Teen Health & Sexual Health

image49  NHS Grampian's contraceptive service - information about finding the best contraceptive option for you. 

Grampian Sexual Health Clinic on 0345 337 9900. 

Grampian Sexual Health @ The Aberdeen Community Health and Care Village: Information about services provided, clinic and drop in times and how to find the clinic is here.  

 Clinic Forms: When you attend the sexual health clinic you will be asked to complete a Registration Form (pdf) and a questionnaire to help us make sure you are seen by the best person. To save time at the clinic you can download the forms here and bring them with you.  Please ensure you use the correct questionnaire for Male (pdf) or Female (pdf) and complete them as fully as possible.

Termination of pregnancy: 

you can now self refer.

If you wish to book an appointment to discuss termination of pregnancy you can self refer directly by calling 01224 655597



EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTION ( the morning after pill). 

You must seek assistance as soon as possible.  Do not wait until the following week as tablets may not be effective.

-  Call us on 0845 337 6370 / select option 2. You need to see a doctor that day.

-  or go to your chemist.

-  or contact Family Planning Services at NHS Grampian Sexual Health Services at Aberdeen Community Health Village, 50 Frederick Street,Aberdeen 0845 337 9900


ACIS youth can provide confidential counselling your you young people (aged 12-18 years). People can call themselves on 01224 573892 or text 07758 360095

1 Alford Place Aberdeen AB10 1YD. Office hours are 5.50pm to 8.30pm Monday to Thursday

Bullying: 0800 1111 (general advice),0800441111(bullying)

Alcohol and drugs: (quick check for alcohol intake) / 0800 3583456 (support for children of alcoholics) / 0800 776600 (drugs)

Sexual Health: (sex and relationships) 0845 1130005 ( lesbian gay bisexual transgender support group) and National AIDS helpline 0800 567123 (HIV)

Mental Health Issues: Breathing Space 0800 838587(anxious or feeling down-need to talk) /Penumbra ,31 Summer Street, Aberdeen 01224 644134 / 07795 602421 (self-harming support group) TEXT 07825 053136-family information service-support for kids and families -18 Marywell Street, Aberdeen-01224 224250-support and help with young homeless/supported accommodation/opportunities for activities/music studio safety)

Counselling and Family Support


Counselling in Aberdeen

 Relationship Scotland  is a provider of Mediation, Counselling and Child Contact in Northeast Scotland. They work with everyone from children to grandparents, family and business through times of change, difficulties and conflict.  

Grampian Care Data   - a list of many of the local charities, counselling services and contacts for life crisis events. Support groups listed also in this website.  ParentLine is for anyone caring for or concerned about a child. It’s available for free Monday-Friday 9am-9pm.  The contact details for ParentLine are:

Talk:       08000 28 22 33
Text:      07860 022 844

Women's Aid is a national charity to provide advice and support for women who are undergoing domestic abuse or coercive control from a partner. It is worth looking at if you are worried about a friend of family member.  

The Spark (text taken from their website) their aim is to normalise relationship support for families in Scotland. We all struggle with our relationships at different points in our lives and accessing support early can make all the difference.

Our relationship expertise is at the core of all our services – from our counselling for couples, individuals and families, to the Relationship Helpline, which was launched in January 2013 and is now able to deliver both online and telephone support. The Spark relationship services for children and young people help them to better understand their emotions and develop positive relationship skills.

Relationship Helpline 0808 802 2088 Mon to Thur 0900 to 2100, Friday 0900-1700, Saturday 1000-1400. 

Aberdeen Counselling & Information Service ACIS 1 Alford Place Aberdeen AB10 1YD
Tel: 01224 573892 line open

  • Monday to Thursday 9.30am - 8.30pm
  • Friday – 9.30am-4.30pm
  • Otherwise voicemail service – messages can be left if confirming or cancelling an appointment
  • or by post to alford place

ACIS Youth –  01224 573892

Cairns 01224 633131

Alcoholic Anonymous alcohol support

76 dee street, aberdeen.Counselling 01224 573887
residential designated place 595981
child & family service 573887
womens group meets monday afternoon

Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland(CBCS) exists to promote the well-being of bereaved people in Scotland. They seek to help anyone experiencing bereavement to understand their grief and cope with their loss. They work primarily through volunteers, providing free care to bereaved people. They also train and educate individuals and organisations who may in turn be able to contribute to the well-being of bereaved people.

Living Life to the Full: This website offers a free life skills course that aims to provide access to high quality, practical and user friendly training.

Free leaflet for living life to the full.



We have put together a list of Health Information websites. Excellent resource of most health matters available 24hours a day- available in multiple languages

good source of patient information leaflets on thousands of conditions- also used by professionals  

Grampian Care Data   - a list of many of the local charities, counselling services and contacts for life crisis events. Support groups listed also in this website.

Pregnancy and Childcare Support  NHS Grampian's contraceptive service - information about finding the best contraceptive option for you.

Ready Steady Baby is NHS Scotland's Pregnancy Information Service- which also has a free app for phone and tablets

Infertility Network UK is a national charity dedicated to providing support and information to anyone affected by fertility issues.

Information for those affected by pregnancy loss / miscarriage  Helpline: 01924 200799

The more people who pledge to donate their organs after their death by joining the

UK Organ Donor Register , the more people stand to benefit.

By choosing to join the NHS Organ Donor Register you could help make sure life goes on.

NHS grampian main page NHS grampian patient surgery guide: leaflets about most common surgical treatment

ACVO, Aberdeen's Third Sector Interface, exists to represent, support and develop the third sector in AberdeenCity.  "ACVO aim to foster and promote the sector's role in the development of caring communities where individuals are enabled to achieve their full potential. "

Carers Information on how to get practical support with looking after someone This is a very good a reliable source of information on most important conditions- as well as excellent lifestyle advice on diet, exercise and looking after your family's health. Likewise is a good resource for advice and direction to support services on a range of issues.

Various - Part 2



 Health Information - Disability Awareness Faces supports and represents people who have conditions or injuries which affect their appearance. produced by the British Association of Dermatologists that provides practical and emotional support to people with common and rare skin conditions.  The MS Society is the UK’s leading MS charity. AGE UK  

Growing older doesn’t come with a manual, so if you need information or advice on anything from health to housing, call the free national information line on 0800 169 6565. It's open 365 days a year from 8am to 7pm.

Chronic Pain  to get reliable NHS information and advice about how to help with chronic pain. It has been developed for patients, their carers and the public as well as healthcare professionals with an interest in chronic pain.

Health Information - Bowel Conditions 

Colitis and Crohns Disease 

Coeliac Society  IBS (irritable Bowel Syndrome) is a very common bowel disorder affecting as many as 1 in 5. Recent research has identified certain food groups possibly triggering it (known as FODMAPs) . Further advice can be got through: choices