GDPR & Data protection. Information for patients.



The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and practice privacy notices (PPNs)

The GDPR requires GP practices to process data ‘fairly’ and in a ‘transparent manner’ which is ‘easily accessible and easy to understand’. This means that practices must provide information to patients in the form of ‘practice privacy notices’. 

How we use your medical records - Important   information for patients

· This practice handles medical records in-line with laws on data   protection and confidentiality.

· We share medical records with those who are involved in providing you   with care and treatment.

· We may also share medical records for medical research and to check the   quality of care provided to you.

· We share information when the law requires us to do. 

· For more information ask at reception. 

There is a fuller explanation of the legal requirement for you to view if you wish (download below). There is also a Subject Access Request form  to download if you wish to view any information we may hold about you.